Weekly Design Inspirations #3 — Creative and Beautiful Analogue Clocks that may be Hard to Read

1 — Trace by Studio Ayaskan

Design studio Studio Ayaskan designed the clock with the light sensitive liquid that gets activated with UV lasers, leaving ephemeral traces of colors projecting hours, minutes, and seconds.

2 — Little time by Maarten Baas

Designer Maarten Baas creates “real-time” clock drawing series Real Time — the duration of a scene portrays exactly the same time as it took to film it.

3 — Eyeclock by Mike Mak

Designer Mike Mak created this charming clock that shows time with two googly eyes: one shows the hour and the minutes with the other.

4 — Continue Time by Sander Mulder

Designer Sander Mulder created a clock with all hour, minute, and second hands, but each rotates around the end of another hand instead of the clock center, which was inspired by his experience of breaking a clock losing minute and second hands.

5 — The Sand by Ayaskan

Design studio Ayaskan, inspired by karesansui, the Japanese rock gardens, designed a clock that rakes sands to form a ripple effect during day time, and flatten them other times.

6 — Shadowplay by Breaded Escalope

Design studio Breaded Escalope created a growing halo-like object that becomes a clock as you touch it — then its light turns off except for where hour, minute, and second hands should be pointing at.

7 — Front and Back by Giha Woo

Designer Giha Woo designed a clock that its source of energy, two batteries, indicates where the hour and minute points toward.

8 — Lash Clock by Bina Baitel

Designer Bina Baitel created an elegant “hands-free” clock with its subtle motions of “lash” suggest where the hour and minute hand are supposed to point at.

9 — Little time by Rafael Morgan

Designer Rafael Morgan created a clock with microscopic time labels that get enlarged as magnifying glasses attached on each clock hand pass over them.

10 — World Clock by 11+

Design studio 11+ approached with changing time-zones by simply rolling the clock — the time labels rotate as it’s rolled while its hands stay at the same orientation to the ground.

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