Weekly Design Inspirations #1 — Three-Dimensional Typographies

1 — Marmalade Type by Ruslan Khasanov

Designer and visual artist Ruslan Khasanov used gel on illuminated CD surfaces to compose these colorful and fluid typographies.

2 — Candy Typography by Alex Palazzi

An artiste Alex Palazzi crafted three eye-popping typography sculptures using real candies for his project, “do not play with your food,” with Dani Raya.

3 — Aizone Typography by Sagmeister & Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh art directed a series of gorgeous photographs for an ad campaign for Aizone, a luxury department store in the Middle East.

4– 3D Typography by Lex Wilson

An artist Lex Wilson continues explores beauties with three-dimentional spaces in typographies on his sketchbooks.

5 — 4D Typography by Lo Siento

The graphic design company Lo Siento created 4D typography, a series of paper constructed letters that can be read from all sides.

6 — BCN typography by Simon Prade

An illustrator Simon Prades crafted these intricate types, inspired by city blocks and the architecture of Barcelona.

7 — Glitches in Wires by Aaron Kaufman

An artist Aaron Kaufman created 36 types with unique characteristics with glitches that could happen in the 3D printing process.

8 — Multicolored Paper Typography by Sabeena Karnik

An artist Sabeena Karnik has stylized many typographies by cutting, rolling and assembling multicolored papers to give lives to numbers of company brandings.

9 — Colorful typographies by Muokkaa

A Graphic design studio Muokkaa explpres colorful and joyful typographies for big clients.

10 — #7 for 36 Days of Type by Neha Kamath

This last very elegant concept is an entry I found on 36 days of type by @nehacornet.

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