Weekly Design Inspirations #2 - Colorful Gradations in Space

This weekend, I happened to be at Art Basel Miami Beach, and it inspired me to explore colors in space.

1 — Freiburg School by Peter Zimmermann

Designer and visual artist Ruslan Khasanov used gel on illuminated CD surfaces to compose these colorful and fluid typographies.

2 — Universe of Words at Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design by Emmanuelle Moureaux

An artist and architect, Emmanuelle Moureaux, built Universe of Words composed from approximately 140,000 colorful floating hiraganas, Japanese alphabets —  for tanabata festival, a tradition when people write their hopes and dreams on colored pieces of paper and hang them from a bamboo branch in the hope that their wishes will come true.

3 — The Substance of Light by James Turrell

James Turrell floods rooms with light that presents itself as gentle seas of color or as an intensely glowing, sometimes diffusely spherical fog of light, taking observers to the limits of their perception. (Museum Frieder Burda)

4 — “Forest and spiral of resonating lamps in the forest — one stroke, snow and winter camellia”by teamLab

Teamlab’s immersive lighting installation reacts as people get closer to a lamp was installed at the mifuneyama rakuen hotel in Kyushu, Japan.

5 — Serpentine Pavilion 2015 by SelgasCano Architects

For Serpentine Pavilion 2015, an artchitect studio, SelgasCano Architects, used fluorine-based plastic, ETFE , to create a soft and colorful installation that welcomes people in from different entry points with different colors.

6 — Humlegarden apartment by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter

An architect studio Tham & Videgard Arkitekter renovated the the century old apartment, Humlegarden apartment, filled with wool panels with different colors inspired by the color of Humlegarden park close by.

7 — Chromosaturation by Carlos Cruz-Diez

Chromosaturation, 1965–2012, is a series of light installation using fluorescent lights with blue, red and green filters, inpired by 1950’s movimiento cinético (kinetic movement) by Carlos Cruz-Diez.

8 — CHROMAtex.me by Softlab

The design studio, SOFTlab, designed and fabricated CHROMAtex.me, a site specific installation with complex forms and spaces painted with color gradation made of six colors.

9 — Pigalle basketball court by  ill-studio and NIKE

The french fashion brand pigalle teamed up with a creative agency ill-studio and NIKE to colorize an alley basket ball court in Paris with grape-colored gradients and pink transparent basket goals

10 — Chromaticity by monocoque

A design studio, monocoque, filled its office walls with Chromaticity, colorful three-dimensional cells with the full 360 degrees of color wheel.

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