GraphQL 3- Simple subscription and check when data gets changed

In the last entry, I went over the basics of mutations in GraphQL- create, update, or delete data (GraphQL 2 — Mutation with Basic GraphQL). When these updates happen, the client side should also reflect these changes. To do so, there needs to be a system to notify the client side. Subscription is a GraphQL feature that allows a server to […]

GraphQL 2 — Mutation with Basic GraphQL

In the last entry, I went over the basics of GraphQL and how to create basic relational data and run a query (GraphQL 1 — My First Steps to Querying with GraphQL). In this entry, I will focus on how to work with the mutation of data; creating, updating, and deleting data. In GraphQL, there are two […]

GraphQL 1 - My First Steps to Querying with GraphQL

What is GraphQL I recently came across a stunning presentation by GraphQL co-creator, Lee Byron. In his presentation, he explained the history of GraphQL, and also Facebook’s product which had a huge influence on the birth of GraphQL. In 2007, with the release of the first iPhone, when Steve Jobs promoted it as the breakthrough internet […]