Case Study: Getting users to onboard paid subscription services.


“JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH” as a main call to action which sticks to bottom of screen.
The first step is to select from 3 subscription options. There is a CTA to click to see all options.
The second step is to create an account. The page structure is similar to the first step; extra simpler page to ease users instead of showing so many text fields.
The third and final step is to select the payment method and add the information.

Youtube Premium

The main call to action is “TRY IT FREE”. Below it, the service descriptions and promotions follow.
After signing in with your Google account, the payment is quick with your phone payment. The other option is available with credit card, or Paypal.

Blue Apron

With the product description and visual keys, there are twoCTAs: “GET STARTED” at top and “CHOOSE YOUR PLAN” at the bottom.
From either CTA, it lands to “Get Started” page to create an account. The zip code is also required to reflect in pricing. When you pause action for a few seconds, the limited time promotional pop-up shows up. After creating your account, the second step is to choose plan.
The last step is to fill delivery address and payment information.

Evernote (iOS App)

Top page to sign in or sign up. There is only single email field to proceed.
After signing up, you are taken into a page promoting the premium product; The subscription benefits are listed with “Start Free Trial” CTA. There is only one immediate payment option, Apple Payment.


* Users cannot purchase Premium directly from iOS App.

The main call to action is “START FREE TRIAL”. The second screen is to login or create an account.
The payment options are under the tab system. Options are credit cards, Paypal, or Paysafecard.


The main call to action is “Sign Up Today!” The first step is to create an account. The second step is to choose the plan.
The third step is to fill the payment information and shipping address. The next step is the order confirmation.

New York Times

The bottom call to action changes color as you scroll down the article.
Tap to choose from 3 payment options. All options have discounts for the first year.
2 Steps to complete. The first step is to create an account. The second step is to choose payment system. The credit card option is optimized with the chrome’s pre-populated extension.

Bloomberg (iOS App)

“Subscribe” CTA at the top navigation bar for each article. In the next page, all benefits are shown with “Start Free Trial” CTA in the single page. There is only one payment option, Apple Payment.

The Wall Street Journal

Each paid article is subtracted and faded out with the call to action.
The payment option is displayed in the 3×3 matrix format. It is a bit confusing and overwhelming in the mobile view.
There are total of four steps. The first step is to create an account. The second step is to choose from payment options.
The third step is to add billing address. The last fourth step is to add the card information.

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Youtube Premium

Blue Apron

Evernote (iOS)



New York Times

Bloomberg (iOS)

The Wall Street Journal

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