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11/06 2019

Gett, Lyft – Juno shuts down its operations in NYC as Gett signs strategic partnership with Lyft

11/14 2019 – Business Insider

Uber – The head of ‘Uber for Business’ explains how it’s helping the ride-hailing giant finally turn a profit

  • CEO Dara Khosrowshahi hinted that some of the financial improvements would come from “premium product offerings”
  • Originally people would just tend to use Uber when they’re on a business trip
  • Corporate riders tend to go more premium – corporate shuttles could be replaced, for example.
  • The division is growing 400% annually

11/14 2019 – Bloomberg Law

Uber – Hit With $650 Million Employment Tax Bill in New Jersey

  • Owes New Jersey about $650 million in unemployment and disability insurance taxes
  • Audit launched last year

11/06 2019

Didi – relaunch Hitch carpooling service this month

  • in seven major Chinese cities (Beijing, Harbin, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Changzhou, Shenyang, and Nantong)
  • with additional safety features (after murder)
    • Only allow trips under 50km
    • Only in metro areas between 5am and 8pm for female users (Male until 11pm)

11/05 2019 – The Verge

Uber – thinks it’s a ‘good thing’ for cities, but cities are having second thoughts

  • Researchers from New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management profiled 13 major markets
    • All cities are either regulating or planning to regulate these companies
    • Most cities require ride-hailing companies to submit trip data
    • Adding taxes to trip
      • New York City – a $2.75 per-trip fee in the city’s congestion zone
      • Mexico City – 1.5 percent per-trip tax on ride-hail trips (emission tax)

11/04 2019 – NYT

Uber – Posts $1.2 Billion Loss as Growth Improves

The ride-hailing company’s third-quarter loss was not as wide as the record $5.2 billion in the second quarter.

10/30 2019 – Washington PostWashington Post

Lyft – taking the human judgment out of critical safety decisions – banning drivers

10/28 2019

Lyft – replaces pricey All-Access monthly plan with Lyft Pink

  • Lyft unveiled $299/mo plan last year
  • Lyft Pink costs $19.99/mo
    • 15% off on all car rides
    • 3 free bike or scooter rides / mo
    • More flexible cancellation policy
    • No lost&found fees

10/28 2019 – The Verge

Uber Eats – new look for its food delivery drones

10/28 2019 – UBER

Uber – introducing Uber Money

  • Real-Time Earnings
    • Istant Pay (drivers and couriers will have real-time access to their earnings after every trip through the Uber Debit account).
  • Uber Debit Account and Card
    • No-monthly-fee Uber Debit Account
    • 3-6% cash back depending on tiers
  • Uber Wallet
    • Easily track their earning and spending history
    • Manage and move their money
    • Discover new Uber financial products
  • Uber Credit Card
    • Cardmembers will now receive 5% back in Uber Cash

10/22 2019 – Inc42

Uber – launches Delhi Metro service

  • Deployed pick-up points and kiosks at 210 Delhi metro stations
  • Metro passengers can use the Uber app to get passes for the train journey
This is how the public transport services will work through Uber.
(Photo: Uber Transit)

10/21 2o19Jalopni

Lyft – Drivers Can No Longer See How Much Riders Paid For Each Trip

10/21 2o19Quartz

Uber – faces three big problems in London

  1. Only a two-month license extension from Transport for London, the local taxi regulator.
  2. The employment status of its UK drivers remains unresolved.
  3. Uber could end up receiving a very nasty tax bill

10/20 2019The Verge

Uber – nearly two-thirds of customers don’t tip their drivers

  • According to a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).
    • Only 1% always tip
    • Nearly 60% never do 
    • $0.50 / ride average for all riders
    • $3 / ride average for regular tipper
    • Male riders tip 23% more than female riders

10/20 2019PYMNTS

Uber Eats – rolls out pickup feature nationwide

  • tested in San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas and Austin, Texas

10/19 2019

Uber – launches moped sharing service in Paris

  • Partnership with Cityscoot e-mopeds
  • Mopeds (What yellow cabs are to New York City in Paris)
  • You’ll look on the map to see where one of the 4,000 Cityscoots is located

10/17 2019Today

Lyft – offering driverless rides in Las Vegas

  • The popular ride-sharing app Lyft
  • Boston-based tech company Aptiv offers driverless car.

10/17 2019Dailymail

Lyft – lets you choose from popular destinations of other riders nearby

Lyft is testing a new feature just in time for a Friday night out. Called ‘Trending Destination’, you can explore your city by choosing from a list of popular drop-off spots of other riders (Image source: Daily Mail)

Trending Destination

  • For a Friday night out.
  • list of popular drop-off spots of other riders
  • Currently only available to Lyft members in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

10/16 2019

Uber – integrates electric moped service Cityscoot in Paris

Cityscoot Uber
  • Dockless scooters
  • UBER is planning to expand its service to the public transportation in Paris

10/16 2019Quartz

Lyft – gives free transportation to job hunters and new hires who need it most

  • Working with services organizations such as Goodwill and United Way
  • a 2015 study at Harvard found that commute length is one of the strongest factors in moving Americans out of poverty, with shorter commute times equating to more economic mobility
  • 44% of Lyft rides start or end in low-income areas.

10/16 2019Bloomberg

Bird – Ignores Uber Lesson in Luxembourg Night Raid

  • Uber Technologies Inc. and Bolt Technology OU learned the hard way that turning up unannounced doesn’t work in Europe.
  • The mayor received an email from Bird saying it would roll out its service overnight
  • The next morning, dozens of electric scooters lined the pavements. 
  • Over a week later, on Thursday, Bird was forced to pause its service.
  • More than 2,000 people had already downloaded the app and taken a ride in the city.

10/12 2019cnet

Uber – into grocery deliveries with Cornershop acquisition

  • UBER acquired the majority ownership in the grocery delivery startup Cornershop.
  • Cornershop operates now in Chile, Mexico, Peru and Toronto, Canada

10/11 2019Reuters

Uber – UK tax challenge

  • Uber says it could be charged 20% VAT on gross booking fees – the amount passengers pay — or on service fees charged to drivers, typically about 20-30 percent of the fare.

10/09 2019

UBER – now alerts drivers that pets will be joining the ride


Lyft – launches a driver rewards program

Lyft launches a driver rewards program (Image source: TechCrunch)
  • Drivers earn points for every eligible dollar earned while they drive during their respective city’s busiest hours.
  • 90%+ acceptance rate with 4.9+ rating (Platinum or Gold)  access to exclusive features.
    • Ability to see the estimated length of trip time + direction before they accept the trip
  • Platinum status
    • can claim a monthly AT&T phone plan credit
    • a Lyft direct debit card with 5% cash back on all gas prices
    • free 24/7 roadside assistance from AllState
    • free Turbo Tax for self-employed workers.

10/03 2019Reuters

Uber – launches an app aimed at connecting workers with businesses

09/30 2019Engaget

Uber – lets riders record audio via its app if they feel unsafe (feature test)

  • There is a “small surcharge”
  • Uber Pet does not replace UBER’s service animal policy

09/28 2019Business Insider

Uber – rolling out a new safety feature to make sure riders get in the correct car after the shocking murder of a college student

  • Uber is launching a verification system to ensure riders find the right driver. 
  • The move comes after the grisly murder of a college student in May who got in a vehicle she assumed was her Uber. 
  • The company is also working on an automatic, ultrasound system to verify matches between drivers and riders.
Uber is rolling out a new safety feature to make sure riders get in the correct car after the shocking murder of a college student (Image source: Business Insider)

09/27 2019

UBER – riders can text 911 in-app

  • The message includes the accurate information about the car and location.

09/26 2019the Verge

UBER– overhauls its app in ambitious bid to become ‘the operating system for your everyday life’

  • Safety
  • Multi-transportation
  • Food
    • Virtual restaurant – Only available in uber eats
  • Friver
    • Earnings estimator
    • Demand heat map
    • Back to busy area filter


Lyft – revamps app to focus on multimodal transportation

  • Access bikes, scooters, transit and car rentals within the app.
  • Uber, did something similar more than one year ago.
Lyft revamps app to focus on multimodal transportation (Image source: TechCrunch)

09/24 2019

UBER – temporary two-month license reprieve in London

  • Current (provisional) licence expires tomorrow but there’s no return to normality

09/17 2019

UBER – may charge more when your battery is low

09/17 2019The CityLab

Why Do City Dwellers Love to Hate Scooters?

  • Portland, Oregon – 34% of e-scooter rides replaced an automobile trip, offering evidence that e-scooters could mitigate congestion.
  • they could invest in building more protected lanes that both separate e-scooter riders (and bikers)

09/15 2019

UBER – stops service at LA’s Ontario airportafter fee increase

09/12 2019

Ola – makes serious bet on two-wheeler

  • Ola Bike costs as little as Rs 5 (7 cents) per km
  • Uber Moto (competitor) is available in 10 cities in India

09/12 2019

UBER – Why Uber And Amazon Are Going After Truckers

  • Uber Freight started 2017
  • The global ride-hailing market is $36 billion (2017). The US trucking industry market is $796 billion (2018)
  • US 48 states + Germany + Netherland
  • Uber freight is cutting the middleman
  • Trailers are loaded and track can just dispatch immediately.
  • Royality program UBER Freight +
    • Discounts on fuel
    • Discounts on maintenance…
    • Discounts on insurance
Image source: https://www.trucker.com/technology/uber-freight-asks-truckers-rate-shipping-facilities

09/11 2019CNBC

NYU professor on gig economy: Not all Uber, Lyft drivers will welcome California’s regulations

  • Subsets of workers won’t welcome the regulation- those who want to keep them as a part time job
  • Price will be likely to increase.

09/09 2019Seattle Times

Seattle Uber and Lyft drivers often stop in the street to pick up or drop off riders. Here’s a way to reduce that.

  • Drop-offs were 42 seconds faster than the previous average
  • Stopping in traffic lanes to pick up passengers fell from 20% to 14% of trips recorded by the study
  • Stops in traffic lanes during drop-offs barely budged, from 16% to 15% of trip.

09/09 2019

Exclusive: Qatar blocks Uber’s acquisition of Careem in the country

  • $3.1 billion deal
  • Careem’s business in Qatar represents only 1.8 percent of its overall business (according to Uber’s SEC filing)

09/08 2019

Uber – has surveyed some drivers on small loans, suggesting financial products are coming

  • Survey
    • How much are you thinking about a loan
      • $100 or less
      • $100 to $250
      • $250 to $500
      • $500 or more
  • UBER hires over 100 financial product engineers

08/31 2019

Didi – launch self-driving rides in Shanghai and expand them beyond China by 2021

  • Like UBER, a person will sit on the driver seat in the beginning
  • Starting the pilot test in Shanghai, and planning to expand to Beijing and Shenzhen

08/23 2019

UBER – 50% off when you pay with Venmo

08/23 2019

DoorDash – reveals details of its new tipping model

  • PAST: DoorDash pays a $1 base, then providing an additional payment boost when a customer’s tip wasn’t enough to meet the minimum
  • NEW: DoorDash will pay a base between $2 and $10 (the amount will depend on things like delivery distance and duration), with additional bonuses from DoorDash.

08/21 2019CNBC

Bolt – launches food delivery service in Europe

  • Estonian start-up 
  • Bolt, formerly known as Taxify
  • Uber Eats and Amazon-backed Deliveroo are aggressively expanding across the region
  • The Estonian start-up said it would expand the service to Latvia, Lithuania, and South Africa later this year before launching in more markets in Europe and Africa in 2020.

08/09 2019Quartz

Lyft – finally sees a path to profitability: raising prices

  • But Roberts said the worst is over. In the second quarter, Lyft reported $867 million in revenue, up 72% from the same period last year.
  • Lyft is raising fares for riders

08/07 2019Bloomberg

【Glovo】Early-Stage Talks With Uber, Deliveroo

  • Barcelona-based delivery company
  • An app for anything, and lets users request a range of products.

08/06 2019MIT Technology Review

Scooters aren’t so climate-friendly after all

08/05 2019The City Lab

How Much Traffic Do Uber and Lyft Cause?

  • The new findings show that Uber and Lyft account for just 1-3% of total VMT in the larger metropolitan regions surrounding the six cities.
  • They have a far heavier traffic impact in core urban areas
    • SF- 13.4%
    • Boston-8%
    • D.C.-7.2% … of all vehicles are for rideshare.
  • 54 – 62 % of the vehicle miles traveled by Lyfts and Ubers were with a rider in tow.
  • 75 % of Americans still drive alone to work.
  • Uber and Lyft account for just 1-3 percent of total VMT in the larger metropolitan regions surrounding the six cities. But they have a far heavier traffic impact in core urban areas
    • SF – 13.4%
    • Boston – 8%
    • Washington, D.C. – 7.2%
      • NYC is exception because of its uniquely low car ownership

The ride-hailing companies are positioning their analysis as a way to promote congestion pricing, a policy where drivers pay fees to access high-volume city streets.

08/01 2019The Verge

Bird – New electric scooter has a better battery and anti-vandalism sensors

  • Bird Two’s battery will have over 50 percent more capacity than Bird One’s
  • It includes smart, “autonomous” sensors that will signal Bird’s headquarters when the scooter breaks down.
  • “Self-reporting damage sensors” will help Bird’s mechanics get damaged or vandalized scooters off the streets and into repair shops more seamlessly.

07/29 2019

Lyft – pulls e-bikes after battery fires

 07/29 2019

UBER – lays off 400 as cost-cutting efforts rampup

07/25 2019

Ford-owned Spin is bringing a tougher electric scooter to dozens of cities

  • 10-inch tires – better absorb shock from potholes and other rough road conditions.
  • Battery with 37.5 miles of range
  • Exclusive operator in 11 markets
    • Berkeley, Calif.
    • Denver, Kansas City
    • Los Angeles
    • Memphi
    • Minneapolis
    • Washington, D.C. Other U.S. cities
  • Ford owned

07/24 2019The Verge

UBER – tests all-in-one subscription for rides, food delivery, bikes, and scooters

  • $24.99 a month
    • Get price protection or a fixed discount on every ride-hail trip
    • Free delivery on Uber Eats
    • Free rides on Uber’s Jump bikes and scooters.
  • Testing in Chicago, San Francisco

07/23 2019

Lyft – opens to the public autonomous driving data set from its Level 5 self-driving fleet

  • A set of autonomous driving data that it calls the “largest public data set of its kind,” containing over 55,000 3D frames of captured footage hand-labeled by human reviewers, data collected by seven cameras and as many as three lidars depending on the car used, plus a drivable surface map and HD spatial semantic data that corresponds to the captured info to provide context to researchers.

07/23 2019

Lyft Over Uber — Here’s Why

  • Better customer service
  • Better point partnerships
  • Cheaper


Lyft – expands its PIN feature for airport pickups to LaGuardia

  • directing riders to a designated pickup spot where they’ll show the driver a PIN code.
  • Lyft users can hop in the first available car as opposed to waiting for a particular driver to arrive.
  • With wait times pushing 24-28 minutes, both services saw increased cancellations


Uber – riders now earn rewards for shopping during their trip with new Cargo app


  • Uber has announced a new partnership with Cargo for an in-car shopping experience.
  • By downloading the app and scanning a QR code during your ride, you’ll unlock deals on everything from AirPods to luxury suitcases and more

07/17 2019Business Insider

New York City has the green light to ban one of Uber and Lyft drivers’ biggest side hustles, Advertisement

07/15 2019Fast Company

UBER – How Uber quietly redesigned its interface for the rest of the world

  • Map interface works in city with internet and GPS that work well. Not in some other places
  • Uber Lite (pilot launch in 2018)
  • Most Androids are not made to run the app so smoothly in some of countries.

  • 4G is so oversubscribed it feels like a 2G connection.
  • the biggest decision was to ditch Uber’s map interface entirely.
  • User Survey
    • Search box was not helpful, because users are used to seeing the landmarks
  • User flow
    • Not replying on GPS, but ask where you are
    • Big slash / blue to explain comfort and safety
  • No one missed the map
  • People asked for more affordable option -> Vertical listing was more helpful to see from least expensive to expensive
  • Uber Bus runs on top of Uber Lite app
  • ONLY take up 5mb -> 1/20
    • “In another app that would be nothing,” Andhare says. 
    • “But in our world it was a lot of currency. We pushed back and negotiated with the brand team and the result was that we basically adopted the native font that was available within Android.”

07/12 2019

Uber – Uber Elevate at TC Sessions: Mobility

Movement demand -> Depends on what point A and B people wants mostMovement data
About trip, not each or what mode -UberCopter is a single price for car, helicopter AND bi-directional (from point to point)
People’s preferencesPrice preferences becomes the filter put against the movement data.
Initial marketUS market (Dallas + LA), Australia Market (Melbourne local area)
Challenge* Aircraft
It will be a premium product first
Key Metrics to open up for generic consumers

  • Utilization – The utilization of a private vehicle is getting higher (More cars used)
  • Loadfactor – With pool loadfactor per private vehicle also became higher (More people are in cars)
Image source: https://robbreport.com/motors/aviation/slideshow/the-most-exciting-announcements-from-uber-elevates-flying-taxi-summit/

07/11 2019

Uber – Uber Comfort offers quiet rides with extra charge

Comfort Quiet Ride button that lets you ask your driver for silence if you’ll pay a 20% to 40% premium atop the UberX price.

07/04 2019

Ola – gets a taxi license in London and plans to launch services in September

07/04 2019

Ola – Ola Electronics new $250 million investment from SoftBank

07/02 2019

Uber Eats – Dine-In option

  • The customer can order their meal from the menu and then chose to either deliver themselves to the restaurant ASAP
  • Tips can be added either in-app or at the table itself.

06/03 2019WIRED

What A Bay Area Dispute Says About The Future Of Bike Share

Motivate -> Docked Bikes

  • New York (CitiBike)
  • Washington (Capital Bikeshare)
  • Chicago (Divvy Bikes)
  • Bay Area (GoBikes)

Jump Trial Period (18-month) in SF500 Jump bikes operate in the city63,000 riders took more than 625,000 trips in the first year of San Francisco service

05/29 2019Gizmodo

UBER – Start Booting Shitty Passengers From Its App

05/28 2019Fast Company

Yes, Uber and Lyft make traffic worse

  • The time people spend stuck in traffic compared to traveling on free-flowing roads, increased 62% in the city from 2010 to 2016.
  • The model doesn’t fully account for the growth in delivery vehicles from companies like Amazon, something that Uber and Lyft were quick to point out when the SFCTA first issued a report based on the study last fall. Still, the study has now been validated through the peer review process, and Erhardt points out that it’s possible that delivery vehicles have also reduced some other local trips to the store.

05/26 2019The Verge

UBER – Ride Pass subscription service is coming to 16 new cities

  • $24.99 a month ($14.99 for some earlier cities)
    • riders can lock in flat rates on all the UberX, UberPool (saving riders up to 15 percent on their overall monthly travel)
    • Uber’s Jump e-bikes and scooters can lock in flat rates on those trips
    • For a limited time, riders will also get 30 minutes of free bike and scooter riding a day

05/15 2019

Ola – now in the credit card business, too

  • Partnered with state-run SBI and Visa
  • issue as many as 10 million credit cards
  • Cashbacks
    • 7% on cab spends
    • 5% on flight bookings
    • 20% on domestic hotel bookings (6% on international hotel bookings)
    • 20% on more than 6,000 restaurants
    • 1% on all other spends.
  • Why credit cards? Ola to go beyond ride-hailing and food delivery

05/05 2019Business Insider

Uber and Lyft drivers are planning a massive strike this week over work conditions and pay rates

  • Uber recently cut the per-mile rate of drivers to $0.60 from $0.80.
  • Uber’s rideshare take rate increased from 20.5% in 2017 to 21.7% in 2018

04/28 2019

Safr, Shebah – Safety Over Scale: Meet The Ride-Hailing Startups Taking On Uber And Lyft

  • Safr, wants drivers and riders that identify as female to feel safer when entering a car.
  • Safr interviews every driver that joins the platform.
  • Users can express gender preference when calling a ride.
  • Shebah wants to bring an “all women rideshare” experience to Australia.


Mobike – cutting its international department after a period of aggressive growth

  • Laying off the team covering APAC region
  • Mobike was operating the service in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Australia

02/14 2019

Didi – reportedly lost a staggering $1.6 billion in 2018


  • Uber posted a net loss of $939 million on a pro forma basis
  • EBITA loss at $527 million during Q3 2018.


  • Public backlash
  • Cash-burning model
  • Regulatory hurdles
  • New rivals

Didi – reveals it is still making losses on many fares charged in China as it discloses costs breakdown


  • Lyft of fares – 19% net revenue in 2018 (21% goal)
  • 10% of fares – cover technology research, offline maintenance and customer service. 
  • 7% of fares – given to drivers during rush hour
  • 4% of fares – taxes and online payment transaction fees
  • Uber of fares- 22% 
  • Lyft of fares – 26.8% net revenue in 2018

02/14 2019adgang

Uber – collaborates with the meditating app Calm

  • Uber in UK collaborates with Calm and riders can follow audio guidance to experience meditation during the ride.

01/08 2019WIRED

The main idea of HERE’s SoMo is to give all the transportation businesses that have been pummeled by Uber and Lyft a common platform.

01/02 2019

Didi – the new regulation in China to eliminate part time drivers


  • Most drivers in urban areas suffer from hefty loans
  • 90% of ride-share drivers are part-timers
  • About half of Didi drivers only work for 2 hours or less

New regulation

  • Requires ride-hailing driver’s permit
    • Drivers must provide a no-criminal-record certificate
    • Drivers must own the local residency permits (hukou)
    • Vehicles must be commercial(higher naintainance and insurance costs、they have to be scrapped in 8 years)


12/20 2018 Forbes

Ofo – How It Went From Tech Darling To Near Bankruptcy

  • Ofo has gone from school project to billion-dollar startup
  • The verge of bankruptcy in less than four years. 
  • Price competition brought them to the cashflow issue
  • Users are asking for refunds of deposits!!! – Users had initially been asked to pay a 99 yuan ($14.3) deposit before unlocking Ofo bikes, and then the amount was later raised to 199 yuan ($29). They can request a refund through the Ofo app, but it stipulates a waiting period of 15 days.

11/23 2018

Mobike – Meituan, China’s ‘everything app,’ walks away from bike sharing and ride hailing

  • Mobike is downsizing its fleets to “avoid an oversupply”
  • Meituan said it has no plans to expand car-hailing beyond its two piloting cities

11/14 2018WIRED

UBERRewards Loyalty Program Gives Perks To Power Users

The service is now available in MiamiNew YorkNew JerseyDenverTampaPhiladelphiaAtlantaSan Diego, and Washington, DC.

  • Blue: entry level. For every 500 points, get $5 to spend on any Uber service.
  • Gold: 500 points and up. Cancel a ride for no fee, if you rebook within 15 minutes; faster response times when you call customer service.
  • Platinum: 2,500 points and up. Price protection that locks in a maximum cost for rides between two place (like home and work), which you can change once per month; priority pickups at most airports.
  • Diamond: 7,500 points and up. Dedicated phone support with promised fast response times; access to highly-rated drivers; occasional free upgrades to Black cars; three free Eats deliveries per six-month period. (Most Diamond users will be those who use Uber Black for work, Ormseth says.)

“Like we saw in airlines, when the core product starts to get commoditized and everyone can offer the same thing, you start building customer networks. Locking customers into your network builds some sustainable advantage,”

12/17 2018

Uber – Reserve a ride with a toy car


06/13 2018

Grab – $1B from Toyota at a $10B valuation

  • Grab is planning to integrate Toyota Mobility Service Platform (MSPF)
    • Insurance service
    • Financial packages
    • Estimating for maintenance timings

05/29 2018

Grab – launches a food delivery service in Southeast Asia

  • Food delivery service
    • Beta testing took place in Thailand and few other countries
    • Started in Singapore where the HQ is located
  • Merchants and users from UBER Eats will be adopted
  • Ubiquitous Grab Rewards to cover the point system for the delivery service.

03/25 2018

GrabUBER sells Southeast Asia business and will get 27.5% of Grab

  • UBER acquired 27.5% of Grab’s stake (valued at $6 billion)
  • UBER invested about $700 million for their Southeast Asia expansion

04/09 2018

UBER JUMP – Uber acquires JUMP 

  • Source says final price close to $200 million
  • In January, Uber partnered with JUMP to launch Uber Bike, which lets Uber riders book JUMP bikes via the Uber app.
  • In January, JUMP closed a $10 million Series A round

04/04 2018Reuters

Mobike – Acquired by China’s Meituan Dianping for $2.7 billion

03/13 2018WIRED

The main idea of HERE’s SoMo is to give all the transportation businesses that have been pummeled by Uber and Lyft a common platform.

03/13 2018

Uber JUMP –  Experience review by WSJ reporter

02/08 2018MarketWatch

Didi – develop tech for Japan’s taxis with SoftBank 

  • Trial services in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka within the year.
  • Didi already working with Daiichi Taxi Co.

01/29 2018

Ola – The first overseas move, expanding to Australia

  • Australia is dominated by Uber
  • Europe’s Taxify also started the service in Australia


08/26 2017

Grab – investing $100M to shut Uber out of fast-growing Myanmar

  • $100M investments over 3 years
    • Starting with the ride service at the capital Yangon
    • Expanding GrabPay
  • Service launches on March
    • Grab leads the market
    • 25,000 rides / day
    • 6,000 drivers


Grab – $2B from Didi and SoftBank to fuel bid to defeat Uber in Southeast Asia

  • Grab aims to lead market over UBER

07/13 2017

UBER, Yandex – combine ridesharing and UberEATS in Russian markets in a $3.72B JV

  • The combined companies currently perform over 35 million rides a month while growing over 400% year-over-year.
  • Both companies are injecting cash
    • Uber – $225 million ->  36.6% share
    • Yandex – $100 million ->  59.3% share

07/05 2017

Lyft – 1 million rides / day

07/01 2017

Ofo – China’s on-demand bicycles have now become advertising space

04/26 2017

Gett confirms acquisition of Juno for $200M


07/23 2016

Grab – developing a mobile payments platform

04/26 2016

Juno – the new ride-sharing startup, is talking with investors about a $30 million round

  • From NYC
  • Co founder CEO Talmon Marco owned Viber, messaging app for $900M
  • Targeted Uber and Lyft drivers with the rating 4.7 or higher.
  • Takes a 10% cut from each ride (20% on average for Uber)

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