Google News Design: Apple News Rival Shows Distinguished Direction with Similar Overall Impression

Google announced the revamp of its News App at its I/O developer conference in May, 2018. Although the Google News product suffered with backslash on its redesign project in 2017, the overall referral traffic to publishers has grown 50% since January of 2017 and it is an essential platform for both users and publishers. Since […]

Design of Robinhood, bringing stock trading to youth

Robinhood debuted as a sleek and intuitive mobile trading app without any commission fees and introduced trading habits to millennials in 2014. The company is now valued at about $5.6 billion in a new funding round. In 3 years, Robinhood has executed $75 billion in transactions and amassed more than 2 million users. The app […]

Nordstrom Men’s NYC: Why mens, and why brick and mortar store now?

In April 2018, Nordstrom opened a brand new men’s store in Midtown Manhattan. The store opened prior to a larger women’s store across Broadway, which plans to open in Fall of 2019. Nordstrom initially planned to house all in the same unopened building, but they felt more confident with dedicating additional space which resulted this […]

Lemonade: Complex insurance quotes in less than 90 seconds

I recently worked on a redesign proposal for an insurance company’s website and I learned about the young ambitious company, Lemonade. Lemonada, founded in 2015 and the service launched in the fall of 2016, raised $120 million from SoftBank in late 2017. The company keeps its service “free-from-legacy systems” and makes its interfaces mobile-first, in […]

The Game Design in Monument Valley 2

After playing the first Monument Valley, I purchased an iPad specifically to play the second together with my baby daughter. Coincidently, the story was about a journey of a mother, Ro and her child learning tricks to guide their way little by little. This gradually growing narrative marries well together with the incremental skill-building that […]

Amazon Books NYC: Does it predict the future of retail?

Amazon has opened several bookstores nationwide and 2 locations in New York City. There were a lot of questions and speculations for the online mammoth Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar bookstores, especially since they opened prior to the opening of a much more revolutionary cashier-less Amazon Go. I visited 2 locations in New York City, and I […]

In & Of Itself, Effective Uses of Foreshadowing and Unpredictable Interaction

I recently went to the show “In & Of Itself” performed and written by award-winning magician and performing artist Derek Delgaudio, and directed by Frank Oz. The show was highly acclaimed by numbers of reviewers including Time Out, which rated it four stars. The show was a hybrid of an illusion and a performing art, […]

Travelers’ Mindsets and the Buying Experience of the Virgin America site.

Since Alaska Airlines first announced its acquisition of Virgin America in 2016, I have wanted to revisit Virgin America’s revolutionary website before it disappears. The design collaboration between the design firm, Work & Co., and the Virgin America team achieved numbers of awards and praises by numerous media. According to Work & Co., the redesign […]

Twitter’s UX Efforts Lead to DAU Growth

After years of struggle with its negative impressions and lack of revenue streams, Twitter had its first profitable quarter after its IPO in 2013. Targeted ads were much more effective and daily active users (or DAU) continued to grow for the last five terms. Some interesting facts from the report can be found in the Reuters’ […]

Spotify UX Observations​

1. Spotify creates a playlist both from your history and a from specific song Spotify is about discovering new songs based on its recommendation engine that is articulated by user search and compilation and its own recommendation engine. * More than 40 million listeners have used Discover Weekly by May 2016, since its launch on July […]