FACTS | Rideshare and the Future of Transportation

2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 2019 11/06 2019 Gett, Lyft – Juno shuts down its operations in NYC as Gett signs strategic partnership with Lyft 11/14 2019 – Business Insider Uber – The head of ‘Uber for Business’ explains how it’s helping the ride-hailing giant finally turn a profit CEO Dara Khosrowshahi hinted that some of […]

Adopt dark theme to your app with iOS 13

In WWDC 19, Apple unveiled iOS 13 featuring the native dark mode that app developers can easily introduce to their app. Not only can users change their themes from settings, they can also change them from the control center, set them to change automatically at certain times or sync with their sunrise and sunset times. […]

What could United have done better? — my catastrophic flight that got canceled after 13.5h of delay

Two weeks ago, I needed to be in San Francisco for a meeting I was invited to. My flight was supposed to arrive at 3pm the day before the meeting, which would have given me more than enough buffer time for any delays. In the end, the meeting didn’t happen, and I was not in […]

Subscription is everywhere: user flow analysis for 10 business types

Subscription business is everywhere. For a user, it’s simply cheaper to use or experience a product without the high cost of owning it. For a company, the cost to acquire users is lower, and subscribers bring recurring revenues. For any business model, it is crucial to keep high enough average customer life-time value (LTV) to […]

MakeCode: Simple and Visual, Good First Step to Learn Programming

As I mentioned in my last post (Technologies that influenced fashion), I recently had the chance to take a small interactive fashion course, Introduction to Interactive Fashion Design by Jeremy White and James Pearce, at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In that post, I did some research on interactive fashion design precedents that inspired me. In this entry, I would […]

Just walk out Amazon Go - the most convincing future of retail

JUST WALK OUT TECHNOLOGY– the key phrase used for Amazon’s cashier-less convenient stores, Amazon Go. These stores resemble the look of normal convenience stores, but customers don’t need to wait or scan to pay; they just have to walk out the stores with items. Amazon opened its second New York City location in June 11th, 2019. […]

Technologies that influenced fashion

In 2000, Hussein Chalayan, the Turkish fashion designer, exhibited a dress that transformed by remote control in his Spring/Summer show, Before Minus Now. He became famous for animatronics and interactive fashion, for instance, he also exhibited a coffee table that transformed into a skirt. People have sought the future in fashion shows, and that has been amplified […]

GraphQL 3- Simple subscription and check when data gets changed

In the last entry, I went over the basics of mutations in GraphQL- create, update, or delete data (GraphQL 2 — Mutation with Basic GraphQL). When these updates happen, the client side should also reflect these changes. To do so, there needs to be a system to notify the client side. Subscription is a GraphQL feature that allows a server to […]

Emoji - the most voiced language digitally

In one phrase, emoji is used by three billion people making it the most spoken and fastest-growing language in the world. Now about half of communications are done through some technology and emojis are used to add an extra layer on top of what simple words can convey — emojis are modern facial expressions, hand gestures, or depicted objects […]

GraphQL 2 — Mutation with Basic GraphQL

In the last entry, I went over the basics of GraphQL and how to create basic relational data and run a query (GraphQL 1 — My First Steps to Querying with GraphQL). In this entry, I will focus on how to work with the mutation of data; creating, updating, and deleting data. In GraphQL, there are two […]